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What is IAFI? Professional Investigations require professional investigators.

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Welcome to our webpage and to our blog, what is the IAFI? What is our goal?

These questions were answered seven years ago when a group of professional investigators in Juarez, Mexico, set out to change the way Criminal Investigations are conducted south of the US Border, prosecutors, crime scene investigators, criminal investigators and criminal profilers wanting to improve or establish standards and best practices.

We are still working with private and public Universities and Government Agencies towards reaching that goal, it´s not easy, it takes time and most of all it takes willing students and professionals to change the way investigations are conducted in Mexico.

Even though we are not finished, it was important to reach out to the international community, experts from the United States and other Countries like Spain, Austrilia, Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, Ecuador, to assist in our efforts. IAFI formalizes our commitment to have experts from different Countries, in this case Mexico and the United States of America, working together.

We believe an Investigator should be ethical, professional, commited, and he or she should have the knowledge, skills and abilities to conduct a thorough and professional investigation, this can only be acieved through training, certification, oversight and accountability.

We are here for you, for the professional or the student who wants to be a part of a real professional, hands on, forensic community. Join us, together we can be the best investigators we can be, the kind of proffesionals our communities deserve.

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